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TV Dinner Tray

Product Description
We all look forward to tea time. After having been sat in a swivelling desk chair all day, nibbling on squashed sandwiches and bruised fruit, the thought of something warm and wholesome in the comfort of your own home is a sheer delight. However, we then stumble across the age-old problem of when to fit our food around our favourite programme's scheduling.   

Well worry not, we are here to stop any dinner-related distress with the help of one simple tray. That's correct, don't say we don't do anything for you, we're making fine dining land on your lap, literally! 

This quirky contraption is a new-school take on the TV dinner tray, with a few added bonuses. The dusky pink base has a white border. The main feature is that of a circular plate with 'Apparently calories eaten on the lap don't count' written inside it. A serrated rectangle reads 'Phone' in the centre, leaving room for, that's correct, your beloved mobile phone. Above that a serrated circle reads 'Wine', because you're never without your cheeky pinot, and an arrow at the top points towards the television set so you're clear which way round it goes. 

Opt for the deluxe version which is very similar, only in white and grey with 'Let's stop pretending we actually eat at the table' written on it, and room for the remote control, because there's nothing worse than having to get up to change the channel! 

Pile more pain on your redundant dining table, which now only ever houses piles of clean laundry and the post, and enjoy your next meal in absolute comfort, perfect for all you television addicts. 

Dimensions: 29.5 X 42 cm
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