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TV Remote Tin

Product Description
Have the hours of which your household watch TV increased dramatically? 

Do you find yourself catching up with daily events in your children's lives as their eyes are glued to their favourite programme? This is not good, haven't you told them the square eyes myth? They fall for that every time... you have? OK, no problem, we have the ultimate solution to help solve your family's television traumas. 

This brilliant TV Remote Tin reads 'The TV Ban Has Been Enforced (*Remote control will be released for good behaviour)' in red and black lettering. 

Also great for troublesome tots, this tin can be locked with the included padlock, the keys to which you can keep on you until you feel they deserve screen time. 

Put an end to robotic replies from your little ones about their day and enjoy chatting as a family, with the television firmly switched off!

Dimensions: 5 x 24 x 10cm

Details: Metal tin with hinged lid and padlock fastening. 2 keys supplied.
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