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Victor's Elderflower Cider Making Kit

Product Description
Please Note: This item has a short life and the expiry date is 15/09/15

Make your own scrumptious cider in a flash with Victor's Drinks Elderflower Cider Making Kit. Simply add water to the trophy-shaped box, wait for 10 days and then pour yourself a lovely pint. 

Yes, it's that simple!

Wondering how the make-your-own cider kit works? (Here's a rough idea, the box has the full instructions)

Step 1. Unscrew the lid on the box and add the sachet of yeast

Step 2. Add 18 pints of warm water using the funnel provided

Step 3. Wait for 10 days

Step 4. Drink your home-brewed, non-carbonated cloudy cider!

Makes 20 pints of elderflower cider. 

Sachet of yeast, funnel and instructions included.

Ingredients: Water, malt extract, elderflower juice concentrate, natural flavouring (contains gluten)

ABV (Average after 10 days' brewing): 4.5%

Dimensions (approx.): H40 x W25 x D15cm 

Weight (approx.): 3kg

Please drink responsibly -

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