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Vintage Lace - Ivory Birdcage Card Holder

Product Description
Guestbooks are an age-old tradition. A lovely way to thank the bride and groom for a delicious feast and fun day, while wishing them all the best for the future. However, sifting through page after page of handwriting can be a difficult task, and some people's kind sentiments could get lost along the way. 

If you're preparing a vintage festivity then we're thinking you're looking to keep things as authentic as possible. Old-fashioned artefacts and vintage-inspired goodies are top of the list, and this is where we come in... 

This beautiful ivory bird cage is made from heavy card and has lovely pattern cut-outs. Complete with a sign reading 'Cards For Mr & Mrs..." you can hand-write your new joined surname. Simply get each guest to write a loving message on cards and pop them into the cage so you can pick them out after the big day. This innovative idea means you can use the cage as a keepsake with each message inside, or even create a framed collage of them collectively. 

Immediately add romance to an entrance table, while encouraging guests to get creative. 

Dimensions: H40 x W33 x D33cm 

Material: Heavy card
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