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Vintage Lace - Mr & Mrs Cake Bunting White

Product Description
Nothing says vintage better than bunting! 

Whether it was tied around lampposts on VE day or brought out for every birthday party back in the 80s, there's no denying that it was a staple feature at every party. So if you've gone down a vintage route for your up and coming nuptials, why not incorporate some classic bunting?

But wait, we're not suggesting that you hunt down the rainbow-coloured bunting that's still in your Mum's cupboard. Of course not - that would ruin your crisp, white lace vintage theme. We're talking about pretty bunting that sticks to your theme and is less in-your-face. 

While you might not have lampposts to adorn your bunting around like back in the day, you do have a cake. Our Cake Bunting is the perfect addition to any vintage wedding bonanza. The bunting reads 'Mr & Mrs' in a retro black font against a white background and is a great alternative cake decoration. 

The width of the bunting is also adjustable according to the size of your cake, meaning it's great for all shapes and sizes!

Dimensions: H17cm 

Contains: 2x Sticks Per Pack

Colour: White
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