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VW Camper Van Kid's Tent

Product Description
The old days, when your husbands hair hung down past his shoulders, and your signature fashion statement was a daisy chain. When all the luggage you carried between you was an acoustic guitar, and the vehicle of choice was a VW Camper Van. 

It all feels so long ago. Now that his hair, let's just say, isn't what it used to be, and you're lucky if you have time to put jewellery on, let alone design your own quirky accessories. The kids have come along, so long gone are the days of cruising down route 66 with your friends, on the look-out for interesting things to do.

Your little ones love to hear all your stories of distant lands and interesting folk, so why not give them a taste of what it was like for the pair of you with this fantastic tent? Reminiscent of the iconic 1965 Split Screen VW Camper Van, you can bring the thrill of endless highways to your children's playtime as they hang out in one of the coolest vehicles in history. 

With windows, wheels, lights, a number plate and the 'VW' badge, it's a great representation and something different for them to have fun with. Pack it away in to a tyre-shaped bag for easy storage. 

Suitable for in and outdoor use, they can have hours of fun pretending their on a long, adventurous drive or settle down for the night in the garden. 

Dimensions (in box): W52cm x H52cm x D5.5cm

Dimensions (when set up): W54 x H165 x H77cm

Colour: Pink

Safety notice: Fire retardant, waterproof & with UV protection

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