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Wedding Countdown Calendar

Product Description
We know that getting engaged is an exciting time! From the romantic candlelit meal to the show-stopping proposal on a faraway beach, it's no wonder that you can't keep that smile off your face! 

And once you've returned home from your bubble of engagement bliss, now the real fun planning! Now, there's no need to run for the hills when you're suddenly faced with lists upon lists of venues, caterers and bouquet samples, what you need is a planner (and we don't mean the expensive and slightly shrill female kind...)

Our wedding countdown calendar is a great way to take some of the load off their wedding planning mind. Made from paper, it's less likely to burn a hole in their bank account and disagree with their choice of bridesmaid dress colour scheme! With a pink and white design, the wall calendar reads 'Wedding Planner, Let's Get Ready For The Day' in white block and script fonts and features 365 days, complete with little reminders and tips, such as 'Find The Bouquet' to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible!

A great engagement gift for your favourite couple!   

Material: Paper

Dimensions: H106 x W50x D0.1 cm
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