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Wedding Countdown Clock

Product Description
Guest list? Check. Invitations? Check. Dream dress? Check…

You’re nearly there but with this endless list being added to on a daily basis it’s difficult to keep up with everything. And at this rate, you might actually forget to go to the wedding!

Fear not brides-to-be! We have the answer to all of your wedding woes - the handy Wedding Countdown Clock.
This adorable floral clock wouldn't look too out of place with your centre pieces, however it is far more than a pretty ornament - it gives you the exact days, hours, minutes, even seconds until the big day. 

The clock has a pastel pink background image featuring wedding bands, flowers, and the words 'Countdown to Our Wedding Day.' The screen in the middle counts down the days, with hours, minutes and seconds in a smaller font below the day counter.
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