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Weighing Scale Stool

Product Description
When you've been an active gym member for months, your shopping list has been filled with an array of green vegetables and not even a morsel of chocolate has passed your lips (well, almost!) - it sounds like you're on a bit of a health kick! 

And who can resist that feeling of exhilaration as you leave the gym feeling pumped? Especially when you pass by the fast food restaurant, head held high, telling yourself that a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips! You can't wait to get home and enjoy a protein-packed meal - with a side of kale, of course - and take the weight off your feet! 

And, speaking of weight, we know that you can't beat seeing those numbers dwindle as you fight off those last few stubborn pounds. Yet why is it that the scales are all the way in the bathroom, up the dreaded flight of stairs, which is surely an impossible task post-leg day! If only there was some sort of seated weighing device that would solve all of our leg day nightmares...

Well, worry not and take a seat on our weighing scale stool! Made from black powdered steel, the stool is complete with four legs and a fully-functioning set of scales. All you have to do is park your derrière on the scales, lift up your feet and ta-da! You'll be able to know exactly how much you weigh each time you sit down to enjoy your bowl of quinoa. 

The ultimate motivation for getting you back on the healthy train next time you're tucking into a cheat day doughnut and a great gift for a gym bunny! 

Material: Powder-coated steel

Colour: Black

Dimensions: H48 x W27 x D27cm  
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