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Where The Wild Mums Are Book

Product Description
We know that some days, you've just had enough. The ironing pile is fast becoming a clothes mountain, the dishes haven't been washed (never mind your hair!) and your little bundles of joy are suddenly not so joyous! 

If only there was a place you could escape to...

Well now there is! Help mum escape into the land of fiction with this this fun and touching homage to the popular children's story, 'Where the Wild Things Are.' When a tired mum goes on strike and heads for a long bubble bath, she soon finds herself at the home of the Wild Mums and lets her hair down, dancing and playing party tricks. 

With a heart-warming ending, it's an ideal gift for baby showers, new mums - or any mum who's ever felt like she wanted to go on strike!

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 19.1 x 21.5cm

Pages: 32 
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