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Window Bird Feeder Gift In A Tin

Product Description
Always wanted to watch the birds enjoying their morning grub but not enough room for a wooden bird table? Moved house and missing the sweet songs of the blackbirds, bullfinches and blue tits? No tree branches nearby to hang a bird feeder from?

Build your own window bird feeder with this handy kit, and welcome your local feathered friends to their new café!

Stored inside the metal tin are all of the parts and instructions you need to create a new pit-stop for the birds. And hopefully once you add mealworms, seed and some grated cheese, you’ll wake each morning to joyful cheeping!

Crafted from wood, the Window Bird Feeder Gift In A Tin attaches to your window pane using three suction pads, with two at the top and one at the bottom. It features a front slanted roof, and has a small front ledge where you can place seed, fruit and nuts.

It's a fun project for both adults and children to make, and why not store bird feed in the pretty blue tin?
Inside the tin, you’ll find: a wooden kit with glue and full instructions.

Dimensions (Gift Tin): H5.5cm x W14.5cm x D10.5cm 

Please note: The Window Bird Feeder Gift In A Tin is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
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