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Wooferang, Dog Boomerang

Product Description
Aah the boomerang. A difficult gadget that not many of us have successfully mastered, and potentially one of the most frustrating! When you fancy a run out, but don't have a companion in the wings, then one could be forgiven for thinking it would be a great partner seeing as it comes back to you... right? 

Well, it does is you have 'the gift', but otherwise you spend more time throwing it and chasing after it, where's the fun in that? 

This innovative creation opens you up to a new experience in the boomerang world, introducing the Wooferang! The special thing about it? It ALWAYS comes back (usually). How? Well, the clue's in the name. It's a boomerang that you play with your dog! Throw it in its general direction and watch as your four-legged companion races after it, collecting it and then returning back to you. 

It might take a few attempts but the Wooferang is sure to be something that will make your outdoor expeditions with the pooch that bit more exciting, while giving you a regular owner-pup bonding session.

Dimensions: H26 x W20m

Material: Plastic 

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