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Wookiee Cookies Tin

Product Description
If you're a sci-fi fan you'll have watched Star Wars at some point. And you'll probably have seen the massive furry fighting machine who's always there to help Han Solo out of a jam. There's no one quite like Chewbacca and we've wondered what Wookiees eat to make them so big.

Have they adapted to some kind of special food? Is it some kind of alien fruit that grows in a galaxy far, far away? After a lot of research we've found the answer...

Wookiees seem to have a love for Earth cookies, to the point a special tin has been created just for them. 

Helpfully labelled 'Wookiee Cookies,' in bold yellow writing, the tin features a picture of Chewie looking very hungry. The classic Star Wars logo can be found on the back.

So whether you're a Wookiee or a human with a sweet tooth this fun tin is the ideal place to stash all your treats!

Dimensions: H18 x D17cm 

Please note: No biscuits are included with the tin
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