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Oven Glove - X-Ray

Product Description
If your kitchen is always emanating smells of freshly baked goodies, whether it's a batch of brownies or a pastry-topped pie, we smell a foodie in the family! 

Ready meals and jars are a no-no in your house, only fresh ingredients and home made meals allowed. We applaud you! And what every foodie needs is an oven glove! The oven glove is often forgotten about in the frenzy of cooking, with a worse for wear tea towel being used in its place at the last minute, (and usually followed by a blistered finger!) 

Our x-ray oven glove is the answer to your cooking prayers! Featuring a black design with the x-ray of a hand, the blend of cotton and polyester will ensure that their fingers remain blister-free! Whatever the occasion, our oven glove makes a great gift and be sure to a welcome addition to the kitchen!

Dimensions: H28.5 x W22.5 x D3.1cm

Material: Cotton, Polyester

Weight: 77g
Customer Reviews
Marilyn Carre
Everything is so original and always puts a huge smile on the face of the recipient because it shows care has been taken to personalise their gift!
By Marilyn Carre from JERSEY
Chloe Ryder
Very easy to follow. Clear and precise. Would 100% recommend to a friend.
By Chloe Ryder from WALSALL
Julie Walker
Very easy to use this site.
By Julie Walker from WELLINGTON, Somerset
Max Harbidge
Wonderful Choice
By Max Harbidge from NEWARK, Nottinghamshire
Lauren Roche
Easy website to use, very good value for money... cannot wait for my item to arrive!
By Lauren Roche from LEIGH-ON-SEA, Essex
Yvonne McPhee
Your gifts are lovely and so unique. I just hope my friend receives this for her birthday tomorrow x
By Yvonne McPhee from Falkirk, Stirlingshire
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