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06 May 2020

Ways to spend a bank holiday in lockdown

A bank holiday is usually all about beer gardens, BBQs and get togethers with family and friends. But so far this year our bank holidays are looking a little quieter due to social distancing and the current UK lockdown. If we’re still in lockdown by the next bank holiday on the 9th May here are a few ways to bust some boredom and make the most of the extra day off.

Take part in a virtual quiz

Get your diaries out and book in a virtual catch-up with family and friends. The lack of the pub means that nobody can partake in a pub quiz. But there are plenty of people taking trivia nights to their living room, so why not start noting down some questions in your very own personalised notebook?

Have a BBQ

Burgers, sausages and alcohol for one? Yes please! It doesn't matter how many people live in your house, there are no rules for how many people have to be in attendance for a BBQ. Put some music on and get the food started. Don’t forget to protect your clothes with a personalised apron and let everyone know what’s on the menu with our personalised chalkboard sign.

Bake some treats

Want some sweet treats? Why not whip up some of your favourite recipes? But first you need to make sure you’ve got the baking tools you need to make the treats. Our engraved wooden spoon and personalised apron are essentials for your baking cupboard. If you need some baking inspiration, why not try our peanut butter cookies or salted caramel brownies.

Go on your garden

This idea is weather permitting but what’s stopping you from spending a night under the stars? If you’ve got a tent you can camp out with the kids, or spend a romantic night with your other half. You could even take your favourite tipple outside in our personalised drinkware, and don’t forget the treats too.

Have a games tournament

You can bust out the classics you have in the drawer like Scrabble, Monopoly and Twister, but if you want some more games to add to the collection, we’ve got you covered. This personalised multi game set is perfect for the whole family, it includes chess, ludo, draughts and more. Our prosecco pong game is better for when the kids have gone to bed, it’s the perfect way to add some fun and fizz to your bank holiday.

Go to the cinema in your living room

Recreate the cinema in your own home with a good film, snacks and our personalised cosy blankettoo. It features a vintage cinema design and can be printed with names, a location and a time of the showing. When the film is over you can test your knowledge of over 200 classic films with our blockbuster party game.