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Behind The Brand: Sweet Trees

Tell us a little bit about Sweet Trees for anyone who hasn’t heard of the brand

We take ordinary chocolate one step further and turn it into amazing gifts for special occasions. Our trees are handmade and fully edible (apart from the stem) and we decorate them with all sorts of delicious goodies - from Ferrero Rocher and Minstrels to Lindor Truffles and Haribo sweets! The glass vase they stand in is also filled with sweets and can be personalised with a name or message. A lot of our customers use them for weddings, birthday parties and Easter and they’re loved by children and big kids!

Where did you get the inspiration and how did you get started?

My daughter was planning her wedding and she wanted centrepieces that were a little bit different to everything else she had seen. It started with a few sketches around the kitchen table, then after spending some time getting creative with chocolate our Sweet Trees were born!

What’s involved with making a sweet tree from start to finish?

Loads!! Every sweet tree is different but to start we usually set the pot with Belgian chocolate and make a round Belgian chocolate rice crispy ball for the centre. Then we decorate with sweets and assemble the tree. All that’s left to do is sprinkle over some chocolate and love, and send to the lucky person!

If you could make a sweet tree out of anything except chocolate, what would it be? (Ours would probably be onion bhajis or crisps)

It’s so hard to choose, I’d probably pick popcorn, but I also love the idea of a crisp tree! Nuts and biscuits would be a great idea too.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Easy – playing with chocolate and eating it! I also work with the best team in the world. I am disabled, so just to be able to do something that I love so much as a career is a complete joy!

What have you got planned for 2019?

We’ve got lots of exciting new products coming this year. One of my favourites is our Smash Cups! We make a cup out of Belgian chocolate and fill it with amazing chocolates and sweets like kit kats, buttons, maltesers, haribo and more. The point is to smash the cup open with one of our special wooden spoons and watch the sweets tumble out!

How do you resist the urge to eat the chocolate you work with?

Sometimes I don’t! Luckily my husband and the rest of the family love nothing more than digging into some chocolate together.

If you had to pick your favourite creation what would it be?

Every time we create something new we all get very excited, especially me! I love all of our creations equally but if I had to choose I would say the very first Sweet Tree I made for my daughter’s wedding, because that’s the one that started our business!

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