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20 June 2020

Gifts For Crafters

Crafters can be difficult to buy for, especially as they’re often the people that take time out to make handmade, heartfelt gifts or homemade cards. If you feel like it’s about time to repay the favour and want to get them something truly unique, choosing a personalised hand-picked gift for a crafter could be a perfect idea.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of gifts for crafters that’ll let them know how much you care while also proving practical!

White personalised storage box

This personalised white storage box is perfect for use as a sewing box: keeping threads, buttons, needles and thimbles safe. Your recipient can use it for other craft supplies too, and it’s especially ideal for jewellers and model makers because of its handy divided compartments that make keeping small bits organised a breeze. Personalise it with their initials to make it unique to them.

Personalised initial tote bag

This personalised tote bag is the perfect place for any crafters to keep their supplies and bits and bobs. This large bag is ideal for travelling with craft equipment – easy and fun, it folds down small too. Perfect for any age, personalise it with an initial to make the bag easily identifiable.

Personalised notebook

P is for pottery, S is for sewing, K is for knitting, W is for woodwork, G is for glass, D is for dressmaking. Whatever their craft of choice is, personalise this notebook to suit their lifestyle. All crafters need notebooks to jot down their ideas, sketch designs, monitor orders, and track projects. This unique personalised notebook can stand out amongst their other stationery bits.

Medium hanging heart slate

Does the crafter in your life have their own workspace? Personalise this hanging heart slate so they can display it at the entrance to their crafting area and let everyone know it is their territory! Whether they are a knitter, a sewer, a potter or a woodworker? Reflect their craft of choice with a personalised message, with two lines of 14 characters to play with.

Personalised wooden pen pot

Crafters need stationery just as much as the next person and suffer from the same storage problems too. This handy wooden pen pot is ideal for those who need to bring order to their workshop. Store craft knives, paintbrushes, pencils and much more. Customise it with a suitable message to make a truly unique gift for a crafter.

Personalised colouring pencils

Crafting often requires some planning work first – whether that’s sketching out a design or marking fabric or materials before cutting. These colouring pencils are the perfect gift for budding illustrators, designers or model makers. Personalise them with a name so that they won’t lose track of their pencils.

Homemade gift ideas for crafters

If none of these premade gifts for crafters tickle your fancy, what about making something for them instead?

Handmade gifts can be just as great, and they show just how much you care. If you want to handmake a gift for a crafting enthusiast you know, why not try some of these ideas:

  • Handmade pin cushion
  • Hamper of new equipment: embroidery threads, pottery tools
  • Handmade card