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23 October 2020

The Best Christmas Eve Activities

For children all over the world, excitement is at fever pitch on Christmas Eve. The best day of the year is just around the corner, and the festive feeling is palpable. Even the adults, who have looked forward to a slap-up dinner and some good quality family time, look forward to Christmas Day.

There’s lots to be excited for on Christmas Eve, but often, especially if it’s a rainy day, it’s easy to get stuck in front of the television

watching repeats of It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street. Plan out your Christmas Eve this year, to make the most of a day off spent with family. These Christmas Eve activities will be the ideal inspiration for a perfect day.

Bake biscuits for Father Christmas

Everyone knows that at just past midnight, Father Christmas sneaks down the chimney or through the front door with a sack of presents for the little children softly asleep inside. But with all that travelling, he’s going to be hungry! Why not bake some special biscuits for Santa Claus this Christmas Eve. Choose an easy recipe so that kids and adults alike can join in with the baking fun!

Write a letter to Santa

Not only will Santa Claus love one of your homemade biscuits and a tot of whiskey before he goes on his way, he will also love to read a letter from the children of the house, thanking him for the presents they are about to receive. Make sure to include your favourite thing about Christmas!

Open Christmas Eve boxes

Christmas Eve boxes might be a relatively new tradition in some households, but they’re the perfect thing to step up the excitement on Christmas Eve night. Try on your new pyjamas and enjoy your chocolates before getting into bed, ready for a bright and early start tomorrow morning.

Volunteer to help those in need

At Christmas time it’s important to help those in need, so why not volunteer in the community to spread some Christmas cheer. Whether that means stopping by the local food bank with donations, or even preparing some meals for the homeless people in your town, every little goes a long way. Everybody deserves a merry Christmas!

Attend a Christingle service

Christingle is one of the best parts of Christmas Eve, where people gather at church to sing fun Christmas songs. Christingle lanterns, (an orange, decorated with red ribbon and cloves and lit up with a candle), are passed to every child in church, and the whole service is conducted by candlelight. It’s certainly a fantastic atmosphere, with sweets, chocolates and well-wishes shared for the festivities ahead.

Sing Christmas carols

Belt out your favourite Christmas carols with your family and friends on Christmas Eve to really get the party started! Whether you prefer traditional songs like 12 Days of Christmas or newer ones like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, make sure that you print out song sheets ahead of time so that every member of family, whether or not they know the words, can join in. There’s nothing nicer than singing in front of a roaring fire on Christmas Eve!

Play games

Bring out the board games on Christmas Eve to create an atmosphere of togetherness and fun. Games that the whole family can take part in are particularly good – so why not partake in a round of Charades or Articulate. For the more active among us, a Christmas Eve game of Sardines or Hide and Seek is sure to liven up the room.

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf watches over children in the run up to Christmas before reporting back to Santa Claus about how well the kids have behaved. On Christmas Eve, it will be Elf’s last day in the family home. Make sure you bid him a fond farewell by letting the children give him a hug and a kiss before he tootles back off to the North Pole to finish making the presents. The kids will see him again next year!

Prepare the veg

Everyone in the family can get together to help prepare Christmas dinner. There’s always plenty of vegetables to peel: carrots, potatoes and parsnips. Don’t forget about preparing the sprouts too! Chop off the hard bit at the end, and cut a cross halfway into the body of the sprout. That way, they’ll be super delicious.