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Baking Gifts You’ll Want To Get Your Mitts On!

Wooden spoons at the ready! Here's a list of our favourite baking gifts that will definitely cause a stir!

10 Gifts For A Baking Enthusiast

For someone with a passion for all things culinary, we know it can be tricky to find a gift that's practical, fun and isn't a recipe book! From chopping boards to service bells, we've compiled a list of our favourite gifts for the baking mad that are sure to go down a treat! 

Personalised Wooden Heart Large Chopping Board


We know that baking requires a certain level of practicality and this chopping board is an ideal tool for the kitchen! The board is made from hevea wood and is ideal for chopping ingredients of all shapes and sizes, without any stray crumbs getting left behind! With curved edges and a cut out heart handle, the board can also be used as a serving platter - just top with tasty treats! 

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Personalised Wooden Heart Large Chopping Board - Img1
Personalised Wooden Heart Large Chopping Board - Img2
Personalised Apron - Queen of the Kitchen


Help them prepare for an intense baking session with our personalised apron! A white crown adorns the front of the apron with a pocket for storing utensils, so they'll feel like kitchen royalty! Wave goodbye to unwanted spills and stains and feel like head chef!

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Personalised Apron - Queen of the Kitchen - Img1
Personalised Apron - Queen of the Kitchen - Img2
Personalised Glass Cake Stand


When you've spent hours mixing, whisking and watching it rise (with baited breath!) our glass stand will ensure your baking creations are displayed proudly! The stand is made from glass plates that are both elegant and strong, meaning it can support cakes of all shapes and sizes. A special message can be engraved on the top of the stand so everyone knows who to compliment! 

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Personalised Glass Cake Stand - Img1
Personalised Glass Cake Stand - Img2
Engraved Wooden Spoon - I Love You Mum


Perfect for a mum who loves a baking session, our personalised wooden spoon can be added to her arsenal of utensils! Whether it’s mixing batter for some yummy yorkshire puddings or transferring cake mix into a loaf tin for that speciality lemon drizzle, it's a practical and personal gift that will take pride of place in the cutlery drawer! 

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Engraved Wooden Spoon - I Love You Mum - Img1
Engraved Wooden Spoon - I Love You Mum - Img2
Personalised Apron - Legend


If you know a guy who likes baking then why not help him get kitted out with this personalised apron?! If his Sunday roasts have become legendary in the household, our personalised apron is the perfect gift! Reading ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend’ in an embroidered cotton across the front in white and yellow, you can personalise it with a name to be written above and record his legendary reputation!

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Personalised Apron - Legend - Img1
Personalised Apron - Legend - Img2
Personalised Rolling Pin


Another indispensable kitchen tool, our rolling pin is ideal for home made pies or pizzas, inspired by Mama herself! The rolling pin comes expertly engraved with a name or unique message so they'll think of you each time they roll!

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Personalised Rolling Pin - Img1
Personalised Rolling Pin - Img2
Personalised Oak Cookbook Holder


For someone who's cupboards are packed full of recipe books, old and new, our cookbook holder will be a welcome addition to their kitchen! This exquisitely crafted cookbook holder can be used to prop a recipe up and flick through pages without any hassle. A sturdy oak design ensures the holder will last and a name and message can be engraved for that extra special touch!

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Personalised Oak Cookbook Holder - Img1
Personalised Oak Cookbook Holder - Fire Alarm - Img2

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What a lovely cake stand - I will be adding it to my birthday wish list!
Carol P
1 years ago