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Getting Ready For Christmas At GP HQ

Looking for Christmas present ideas? Here's a sneak peek of the personalised gifts you'll find on our shelves this year...

Even though it’s only October, Christmas is well and truly under way here at GP HQ.

Beavering away behind the scenes, our brilliant design team swapped pens and pads for paintbrushes, hammers and tape measures, and built this fantastic Christmas room set.

Nestled in one of our meeting rooms, our Christmas wonderland is filled with all of the new-season products you’ll see on our virtual shelves in the coming weeks. So, take a peek and start dropping hints to Father Christmas...

Like to start your Christmas shopping early?

Pop the kettle on, make a large mug of tea, get comfy on the sofa and take a (virtual) wander around our Christmas shop…

Have you spotted anything you’d like to find under your tree on Christmas Day? We’d love to know which products are your favourites!

Wondering when they’ll be available to buy? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll pester our buyers and find out!

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