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Top 10 Gifts For Cheese Lovers

Why not treat the cheese lover in your life to one of our ‘grate’ personalised gifts this Christmas?

  1. Personalised Large Rectangular Wooden Cheese Board - Made from smooth to the touch Hevea brasiliensis (the wood of the Para rubber tree), our Heart Shaped Wooden Cheese Board set is a fantastic addition to the kitchen and a great present for a couple.
  2. Personalised Vintage Fork Cheese Markers - These quirky 'Sawn off fork', silver plated hand-stamped cheese markers are a brilliant addition to any dinner party and can be used to differentiate between cheeses so that your guests don't get any nasty surprises!
  3. Culinary Concepts Spanner Cheese Knife Set - Made from stainless steel, these beautiful drop-forged, spanner-shaped knives are presented in a lovely, rustic box and are sure to survive many an enthusiastic cheese course.
  4. Personalised Pair Of Cheese Bite Serving Boards - These brilliant designer cheese boards are lovingly handmade in solid oak sourced from sustainable forests and finished with brown suede leather ties, perfect for hanging.
  5. Personalised Slate Cheese Board - I Know It's Cheesey But I Love You - Our hand-crafted, Personalised Slate Cheeseboard is a thoughtful and unique gift for the cheese connoisseur in your life.
  6. The Just Slate Company Engraved Silver Cheese Knife - A perfect gift for your cheese connoisseur, this Engraved Cheese Knife is made from polished, silver-coloured, weighted stainless steel, so it's easy for them to slice off a piece of their favourite cheese.
  7. Personalised Wooden Cheeseboard Set - Crafted from Hevea wood, a hard-wearing wood with a beautiful grain, the round cheeseboard is engraved with the words 'Cheese connoisseur,' their name and a special message from you.
  8. Personalised Wooden Cheeseboard Set - Cheese Lovers - The lid of the cheeseboard effortlessly slides out to reveal a storage compartment for three stainless steel knives. Also includes a Stilton knife, a cheese fork and a Cheddar knife.
  9. Personalised Rectangular Slate DIY Cheese Board - The cheese board features technical drawings, ensuring that your cheese can be cut to the perfect sizes.
  10. Personalised Heart Shaped Wooden Cheese Board Set - The cheese board is perfect for a dinner party and especially suited for a couple who just want to curl up on the sofa and enjoy cheese, wine and biscuits together.

For more great cheese gift ideas, check out our whole range here…

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Some great ideas here for Christmas - thank you!
2 years ago