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Five Minute Festive Mince Pie Ice Cream

This recipe is a great way of using up leftover pies and is so easy, it only takes five minutes.

Mince Pie Ice Cream

It happens every year; we get all excited at the beginning of December and stock up on enough mince pies to last us ten years, not four weeks.

We get pulled in by the supermarket multi buy deals or by the exclusive shapes and sizes available that year. We justify the purchases because we only have a short time to enjoy them each year and you never know who’s going to pop in over the festive period but really, no one needs that many mini pies! Come New Year and we’ve still got what feels like a hundred left to eat. What do you do with them?

Well how about trying the below recipe with them? Mince Pie Ice Cream is a great way of using up your leftover pies; it’s much lighter than other festive desserts, can be kept in the freezer until it is needs and is so easy, it takes five minutes.

How Do We Do It?


Let the ice-cream soften out of the freezer (don’t let it totally melt, just soften so that it can be stirred) then break up the mince pies and crumble them into the ice-cream. Stir the mince pie into the ice cream and re-freeze until you are ready to serve.


Serve in a martini glass with some fresh berries to make it look extra special!

What will you need?

  • 1 litre of good quality vanilla ice cream
  • 6 mince pies

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Nice idea, thanks
Susan M
2 years ago

We always have so many mince pies left over so this would be a great idea in our house - thanks!
Jenny Wilson
2 years ago