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18th Birthday Photo Booth Props

Product Description
The 18th birthday party... A milestone rite of passage for most young adults. Usually greeted by a party and a few bottles of champagne, naturally. 

If your 18 year old is currently planning the celebration of the century, and you're looking to add a few surprises along the way, then why not set up a photo booth that all their friends can use to pull fun poses and send messages through? And no booth would be complete without amusing props to hold up! 

They can transform themselves into moustache-clad gentleman (or gentlewomen) with a bowler hat. Channel geek-chic with black rimmed glasses, or say 'cheese!' using the speech bubble. 

An amusing addition to any party, they'll find it fun dressing up and creating their most impressive selfies yet! 

Contents: 1 x black-rimmed glasses, 1 x cats-eye glasses, 1 x champagne bottle, 1 x speech bubble, 1 x bow tie, 1 x red lips, 1 x moustache, 1 x #SELFIE board, 1 x '18' sign & 1 x bowler hat 
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