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Little Lady Or Mini Mister - Scratch Card Game (Pack of 10) Boy

Product Description
Baby showers are the new thing. 

But there's a lot to think about. What to make for your buffet? Do you go for mini bottles of milkshakes and cake pops or something more traditional like cocktail sausages? Do you invite children or make it an adults only thing? 

And that's not even thinking about the games. While 'Pin the dummy on the baby' and 'Guess the size of the bump' are fun, let's face it, everyone is more excited for the big gender reveal. So why not incorporate both?

Our Scratch Card Game reveals whether you're having a girl or a boy so everyone can be involved in the big reveal! Reading 'Scratch Off To Reveal A Little Lady Or Mini Mister' with a pink baby grow that reads 'Try Again!' and a blue baby grow that reads 'Correct!' 

We guarantee it will be a welcome addition to any baby shower! 

Dimensions: H12cm

Gender: Boy
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