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Personalised Gift Books - if you need a little inspiration...

It’s always nice to receive books as gifts. Books are often the type of things that you don’t tend to buy yourself so when someone picks one for you as a gift, it’s often greatly appreciated. Books don’t just have to be trashy novels or terrifying thrillers that you only read on holiday. Our range of personalised gift books is full of some unique and original books that are worthy for the coffee table and are sure to be admired by all.

Choose from a whole range of different personalised books with something suitable for everyone. For men, the most popular personalised gift book and indeed one of our most popular personalised gifts is the fantastic Personalised Football Book. Simply choose their favourite team and an amazing book will be created featuring all the major news stories about their team from the last 100 years or so.

For children, the Personalised Children’s Encyclopaedia makes a gorgeous present. Each encyclopaedia is individually created using the letters of the recipient’s name meaning that they are given a personalised gift that is entirely unique to them.

If you’re looking for romantic themed personalised gifts, check out the personalised gift books that feature romantic love poems. The Little Book of Weddings is also a lovely book, perfect for a couple planning a wedding or of course as a wedding gift.

The Disney Personalised Adventure Books are brilliant personalised gifts for every child. Featuring their favourite Disney characters, these gift books are also personalised with the child’s name, birthday and even address. There’s also space for the sender’s name after ‘With Love From’ on the dedication page.

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