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Spaceform - Contemporary Glass Gifts - if you need a little inspiration...

Spaceform - If you need some inspiration

Our extensive Spaceform range is a fantastic collection of Polished Glass Keepsakes, Paperweights, Mini Tokens and Dinky Frames. Spaceform are intended as ìgifts for givingÖgifts for livingî - a great solution for gifts for any occasion. Our choice of Spaceform designs includes those that celebrate both special events and the important people in life.

For all your Special Year Birthdays and Anniversaries weíve Spaceform with number designs and integrated sentiments to commemorate the occasion. For special days such as Motherís Day and Fatherís Day there are designs with thoughtful messages that are addressed to, and describe the recipient, such as ëloveliest mum in the worldí and ësuper dadí. Then thereís Spaceform especially designed for those one off occasions or events, where the giftsí beautiful message, quotation or poem says it all.

The beauty of Spaceform gifts is not just in their sentiment, but is captured in each and every contemporary, chic, colorful and funky, expressive and thoughtful, perfectly polished glass keepsake. After all, Spaceform Londonís ëvisioní is to, ìprovide products for others that are designed with thought, composed with creativity and given or bought as an expression.î

All Spaceform keepsakes are presented in a luxurious white gift box and have become the perfect modern gift that people of all ages love to give and to receive.

So; why not take a look at our fantastic Spaceform range and give that special someone a fabulous gift that will remind them of how much you love and care; something that they can treasure forever!

Check out our collection of Spaceform Mini Tokens and Spaceform Frames, or see all our Spaceform range...
Average Customer Rating
4.7 out of 5
Spaceform - Contemporary Glass Gifts in this area have an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 520 customer reviews 98% of customers would recommend these.

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