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18th Birthday Gifts - if you need a little inspiration...

When we turn 18 what are most people’s first thoughts? That they’re finally a fully-fledged adult and it’s time to buckle down, get a job and become a serious individual? No, definitely not. 

Finally, you can head to the pub, ID in hand, ready to flash it and take that first sip of a frosty pint or refreshing cocktail safe in the knowledge that the bouncers won’t be on your back. Drinking, sensibly of course, is on the agenda for most so, while enjoying the odd beverage is still a novelty, a personalised bottle of their favourite sauce makes for a great celebratory gift. If a whiskey on the rocks with a twist gets their taste buds tingling then we have a Jack Daniels Crystal gift set with a 5cl bottle included. Perhaps they are a wine connoisseur and love to knock back a good rosé of an evening? Then give them something to sip stylishly from in the form of one of our personalised wine glasses. There’s something to suit all tastes, from premium Spanish beer to whisky, vodka and gin, not forgetting, of course, everyone’s favourite liquid export from that region of France… Champagne!

Your 18th birthday opens you up to a world of opportunities. The world is your oyster, not only can you drink legally but you can get tattooed, buy fireworks and hit the casino, but not all at once, ok? 

Girls, if you love being pampered, give our Luxury Chocolate Bath Box an hour or two of your time and sink in to a bath filled with the Vanilla or Chocolate Orange Bath Creamer or the Mocha coffee Bath Meltz, if bling’s more your thing, we have some glamorous bracelets and key rings. Indulge their sweet tooth with Retro Sweet Hampers, jars and chocolate bars. 

For the boys who can’t get enough of the beautiful game (or any other sport for that matter), we have custom-made sporting prints, annuals and calendars. If sport isn’t your thing and you’re more of a gadget man then we have some great ideas to please the geek inside you. Perhaps you’re more of the dapper type and like to look sharp, we have engraved cuff links and cases. 

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