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Don’t marry / make friends with people called Adam or Patricia – they’re the UK’s worst gift givers!

After looking at the data of over 250,000 of the country’s gift givers we’ve put together our top 10 most, and least, generous names.

Woman holding a gift

Lucky you if you have friends or family called Paul or Julie, because research has revealed people with these names to be the UK’s top gift givers. But if you know an Adam or Patricia, don’t hold your breath for any grand gestures as people with these names have been found to be the UK’s worst present buyers!

Most Generous Men
1. Paul
2. David
3. Mark
4. Andrew
5. Chris
6. John
7. Michael
8. James
9. Richard
10. Daniel
Least Generous Men
1. Adam
2. Lee
3. Ben
4. Steven
5. Martin
6. Ian
7. Matthew
8. Robert
9. Peter
10. Simon
Most Generous Women
1. Julie
2. Karen
3. Rebecca
4. Sarah
5. Jane
6. Nicola
7. Amanda
8. Katie
9. Charlotte
10. Emma
Least Generous Women
1. Patricia
2. Diane
3. Janet
4. Kerry
5. Heather
6. Anne
7. Hayley
8. Kim
9. Jackie
10. Dawn

Lee and Diane have taken 2nd place on our least generous lists, so they’ll probably be gifting a whole lot of nothing this year! But if you’re lucky enough to know a David or Paul, you could be in for a treat!

If you want to make sure your name doesn’t appear on the least generous list, you know what to do!

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