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Make them laugh this Valentine's Day!

They say the key to someone's heart is to make them laugh, so make it easier on yourself with our amazing selection of hilarious gifts.

Our Stud Undies are for certified studs only. If he's constantly rearranging he needs bigger underwear and with 60cm of space, they're the perfect funny gift for Valentine's Day to make them laugh their pants off!

Add some humour to their keys with this fun Personalised Wooden Toast Keyring. Shaped like a piece of toast, the wood is engraved with a message of your choice like 'Jenny You're The French To My Toast'. 

Our Mug Gift Set - The Boss & The Real Boss is a lovely way to say who's in charge in the relationship. Settle it once and for all with these mugs that say 'The Boss' on one and 'The Real Boss' on the other. Every tea break will be a fight for who is the real boss.

Shop hilarious gifts for Valentine's Day that are still romantic but will make thm giggle when they open their gift!