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Send Temperatures Rising This Valentine's Day With Risque Gifts!

Get Hot & Heavy This Valentines Day...

There’s no one right way to ‘do’ Valentine’s Day, different couples want to do different things depending on their interests and tastes.

Some may want to go out on the town, paint the town red and had a lavish meal in a gourmet restaurant. Others may prefer to stay in, put their feet up, order a takeaway and just snuggle while others… well… for them Valentine’s Day should be renamed Valentine’s Night.

Let him unwrap the best gift of all with our Naughty Knot. It's easy to put on and even more fun to take off. It's sure to add a bit of spice to your Valentine's Day. 

Our Foreplay Connect is a game where everyone scores high. Perfect for couples, Valentine's Day will be even hotter once you start playing. It's a great romantic gift for a couple to enjoy every date night.

Make them think of you anytime they have a tea or coffee with our Personalised Blow Me I'm Hot Mug. This cheeky mug is a great present for Valentine's Day, they'll think of you whenever they have a hot drink.

Yes, the 14th is all about romance, but that can take many forms. One of which is the racier, raunchy side of love. Our Risqué Gifts are strictly for over 18s and with just a quick glance at the selection you’ll soon see why.