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13 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Make Them Laugh Out Loud

Written By Laura Scott
Tuesday 12 Jan 2016 15:54

For the couple who need a sick bucket when they see anything red, fluffy or heart-shaped, get them giggling with one of our funny Valentine’s Day gifts.

1 - Personalised Chocolate Bar

Personalised Chocolate Bar

A chocolate bar that speaks the truth and melts in the mouth? Count us in.

2 - Personalised Apron

Personalised Apron

This fun apron not only celebrate their fruity figure but is great for a couples cook off.

3 - Honk If You’re Horny

Honk If You’re Horny

Because… well, just because.

4 - BBQ Branding Iron For Steaks

BBQ Branding Iron For Steaks

Get creative and brand your steak with a funny message. Or just a reminder to wash the dishes.

5 - Cufflink Set

Cufflink Set

Ideal for their Friday night out with work and more stylish than a dog tag.

6 - Personalised Socks Sets

Personalised Socks Sets

Matching socks that pun and aren’t red and fluffy…surely a miracle?!

7 - Diamond Ring Plaster

Diamond Ring Plaster

Just in case you cut yourself opening that gigantic diamond ring…

8 - Personalised Natural Tea Towel

Personalised Natural Tea Towel

Because mac and cheese is the way to all of our hearts.

9 - Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shakers

Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shakers

For some out of this world seasoning.

10 - Set Of 2 Tipsy Wine Glasses

Set Of 2 Tipsy Wine Glasses

Wine glasses that depict the state of the hand they drink from.

11 - Vinderalls Wine Bottle Cover

Vinderalls Wine Bottle Cover

A wine bottle should never be naked, don’t you know.

12 - Bakeball Bat

Bakeball Bat

Perfect for an impromptu baking session (and handy to have to hand in case they forget to sieve the flour)

13 - Giant Strip Poker

Giant Strip Poker

It is Valentine’s Day after all…

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