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49 Couples Photos That Are Bordering On Creepy

Written By Abi McSherry
Friday 8 Jan 2016 08:31

49 Couples Photos That Are Bordering On Creepy
Do you know a couple who are guilty of loved-up over-sharing? They already post photos of themselves mid-smooch on Facebook, so you’d hate to think what soppy status and photos Valentine’s Day will bring! Well, if you think they’re bad, just wait until you see these photos…

1 - Forget Texas Chainsaw Massacre, more like Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Couple with chainsaw

2 - Nothing says “happy couple” quite like pretending to push your wife to her watery death.

Husband pushing wife off a waterfall

3 - Here’s a couple who are quite literally from another planet.

Wife from Venus and husband from Mars

4 - You know it’s going to be a bad Valentine’s Day when she won’t even pretend to be happy for a photo.

Husband kissing wife

5 - Dear Mr and Mrs Bubbles, couples’ bath-time should be kept private.

Husband and wife in bubble bath

6 - Ever wondered what you’d find on Robin Hood’s mantelpiece? Well, it’s this photo.

Husband and wife dressed as Robin Hood

7 - No words can do this photo justice.

Woman holding man in photo frame

8 - She’s perfected that face you make when someone tells you to “cheer up”.

Photo of miserable couple

9 - It’s great that after all these years you still can’t keep your hands off each other, just not in front of the kids, eh?

Man and woman kissing

10 - It’s so sweet when you include your pets in your photo. Plus, with this pet, you don’t need to walk it, feed it, or clean up after it. Genius, really!

Man and woman posing with a skeleton

11 - Anyone else feel like they shouldn’t be seeing this?

Man kissing woman's neck

12 - What he wants from the relationship is quite clear.

Man in funny jumper

13 - Message received, but not quite understood.

Man and woman in funny poses

14 - They wanted a more “natural” photoshoot.

Man and woman hugging in park set

15 - Who doesn't love a floating heads photo?

Black and white image of man and woman's heads

16 - He always goes on about what a great catch he is.

Man dressed as rabbit and woman dressed as hunter.

17 - “Let’s wear our matching Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote shirts”, said no one, ever.

Couple wearing matching shirts

18 - So much hair, so little clothes.

Long haired naked man and woman

19 - When two become one.

Belly dancing man and woman

20 - That’s what the dog thinks of that proposal.

Man proposing to woman with dog pooing

21 - Rule no.1 of posing for photos: don’t copy what the dogs in the park are doing.

Woman bending man over near a tree

22 - Rule no.2 of posing for photos: consider all potential anagrams when using initials.

Funny initials

23 - There’s showing off, and then there’s this.

Man and woman lay in field

24 - At least no one can say that their engagement announcement wasn’t unique.

Engagement rings on watermelons

25 - And it’s a good job they’ve found people willing to keep them, cringe-worthy photos and all.

Man and woman in matching t-shirts

26 - Just to prove that he’s always thinking about her.

Man imagining woman's face

27 - We can only assume that they’re hiding their faces in embarrassment.

Man and woman dressed as cowboys

28 - He’s topless because he doesn’t want to get a t-shirt tan. Wait a minute…

Bare-chested man with dressed up woman

29 - Being that in love is enough to make anyone tired.

Man and woman with eyes closed

30 - Anyone for a game of spot the snake?

Naked man and woman with a snake

31 - We’ve all been there; walking down the road, the blinding sun in your eyes, then suddenly you’re walking along train tracks.

Man holding woman's head on train tracks

32 - They said they wanted to get the right angle…

Man doing handstand with woman lay on grass

33 - That amazing feeling you get when you take off your leather jacket after a long day.

Man taking off woman's leather jacket

34 - She thought this would be a great way to wake him up from his nap. She was wrong.

Woman lay on man

35 - An interesting take on the term soul mates.

Man and woman with shoes in their mouths

36 - They take the “till death do us part” bit of their vows seriously.

Man and woman stood behind gravestone

37 - You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you…

Man and woman staring at each other

38 - Love might be blind, but surely it doesn’t affect your sense of smell, too?

Man and woman kissing in front of toilets

39 - Is time up on their love this Valentine’s Day?

Man and woman stood behind parking metres

40 - No need to shout it from the rooftops when you can just shout in each other’s faces.

Man and woman shouting in each others faces


41 - Classic Spiderman kiss.

Man and woman doing a Spiderman kiss

42 - And now for a more impressive attempt at the classic Spiderman kiss.

Man and woman doing a Spiderman kiss

43 - When the photographer said to sit on his knee, we bet they weren’t expecting this!

Woman sat on man's knee

44 - Just another example of the endless fun you can have with a marker pen.

Couple sat with cat

45 - The cat looks scared, and we don’t blame it.

Man and woman in cat leotard and tights

46 - All the best couples have a joint party trick.

Man and woman with banana in mouth

47 - Seat positioning fail.

Man and woman on bike

48 - Space Cats: like Street Cats, but better.

Man and woman holding cats

49 - Here’s a couple who look pretty pleased with themselves.

Naked man and smiling woman

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