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How The Internet Made Sense Of Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Written By Pip Neesham
Wednesday 6 Jan 2016 14:36

Waking up on Valentine's Day like:

Or perhaps more like this?


Sobbing into our cereal rather than enjoying a romantic breakfast in bed #cryingontheinside

But we should take heed from this rather inspiring quote…

See? It really is like any other day… Unless this guy ends up knocking on your door…



But if we feel the need to celebrate it, then why should it be all…

Maybe it’s time to change the rules. Who said love has to be all about hearts and flowers anyway?


Maybe we can use it as a time to love and appreciate our single selves?



Although in reality, that's easier said than done...

Who wants to be bought flowers and chocolates anyway?

Or miss the film because you're too busy "being in love"


It would be much more fun to go out and tick this box!

And the next day, in your hungover state, thank God that you have another 364 days before you have to go through all of this again.



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