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When 21 Cats Summed Up Valentine’s Day Perfectly

Written By Abi McSherry
Thursday 7 Jan 2016 12:04

When 21 Cats Summed Up Valentine’s Day Perfectly

1 - When he says he doesn’t “do” Valentine’s Day.

Grumpy Cat Face

Yeah, well I don’t “do” being nice then.

2 - Your one Valentine’s Day wish is for him to do everything for you while you just lie down all day.

Cat Being Brushed

Being vertical isn’t an option.

3 - Or at least give you that massage he’s been promising for the last 10 years.

Cat Being Massaged

4 - Or even better, pays for someone who’s qualified to get those knots out of your shoulders.

Cat Getting A Massage

5 - You said you weren’t buying each other presents, and find out the day before he’s bought you one…

Shocked Cat Face


6 - … so you start frantically searching the internet for something amazing that he’ll think you spent weeks looking for.

7 - You had bought him a box of chocolates but ended up eating them yourself three days before.

Cat Looking Guilty

You cannot be left alone in the house with chocolates.

8 - You open your present to find that he remembered the necklace you pointed out to him months ago.

Shocked Cat Face

Try. Not. To. Cry.

9 - He says he’s booked a table so you automatically assume it’s the posh new place everyone’s talking about and put your best dress on.

Cat With Hat

10 - And take advantage of the one night he can’t get angry at you for refusing dessert, but wanting to share his.

Cat And Mouse Sharing Milk

11 - When public displays of affection aren’t his thing, but you see what you can get away with seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day.

Cat Cuddling Dog

12 - You still cringe thinking about the year you didn’t realise how much you’d drank on your date, until you tried to stand up.

Cat Falling Over

Legs. Failed.

13 - Dad’s reaction to his daughter’s first Valentine’s Day card.

Cat Shaking Head

14 - When you’re single and your plans to eat ice cream in bed genuinely sound so much better than what your married friends are doing.

Grey’s Anatomy box set anyone?

15 - When you’re not even being subtle about keeping a look out for a man delivering flowers.

Cat Stood Up Looking

16 - That great moment when you realise he hasn’t forgotten to get you something.

Cat Chasing A Balloon

17 - But in a bid to not sound materialistic, insist that spending time with the one you love is what matters most.

Cat Cuddling Human

18 - For the first time in your marriage, he buys the better present, and now deems himself the superior gift buyer in the relationship.

Cat Wearing Tophat

19 - When his idea of being extra affectionate and attentive is actually just irritating.

Cat And Racoon

Yeah, you're just hurting me now.

20 - Or his suggestion to share a bath sounds like your idea of hell, so you pretend there’s no room.

Cat In Bath

21 - You can’t remember the last time you just sat and cuddled, so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day…

Cats Cuddling

What’s the kids’ Netflix login again?



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