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6 Fun And Quirky Ways To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Written By Abi McSherry
Monday 9 May 2016 13:34

Let’s be honest, everyone wants their guests to gush about what an amazing day they had at your wedding. What a great job you did organising everything. How did she do it, they’ll wonder. You’re like superwoman, some might say… Anyway, if you’re looking for interesting ways to keep guests entertained and ensure they have a really great time, we have some fun suggestions you might like to try!

1 - Create an icebreaker jar

Wedding Party

It’s likely that not everyone on your guest list will know each other, so why not help get the conversation started? All you need to do is pop a jar on each table and fill it with conversation topics, riddles for them to solve, or jokes, even! Just make sure they’re good ones…

2 - Hire a bouncy castle

London Bride

Getting married is a pretty grown up thing to do. So why not balance it out with a really childish thing to do and hire a bouncy castle? Yes, you can pretend that it’s for the kids… but we all know that after a glass of champers, the adults will be slipping off their shoes and hitching up their dresses ready for their turn too.

3 - Make a selfie wall

Her Campus

Make sure you have at least one snap of each of your guests by creating a selfie photo wall. Simply attach everyone’s names to the wall and encourage them to replace their name with a selfie of themselves. They’ll complement your professional photos perfectly!

4 - Bring out the table football

The Pretty Blog

A friendly table football competition can keep your guests busy for hours. The only problem is that you might struggle tearing the participants away for actual wedding stuff, like cutting the cake, or your first dance…

5 - Ask your guests for advice

Escapes by Travel Designers

You’ll probably know plenty of married couples and if they’ve been together for a while, they’ll likely have a fair few nuggets of advice for you newly weds. So, to help keep the spark alive months, even years down the line, ask your guests to create a “tip jar”. From date night ideas to little gestures that make a big difference, a go-to jar of inspiration is priceless. Plus deciding what wisdom to impart will keep guests busy for a while.

6 - Play I Spy

Raymond Lee Jewelers

Well, I Spy with a twist. Simply challenge your guests to capture certain moments on camera which they can share with you later. Not only will it be lovely to see your big day from your guests’ perspective, but it will help keep them entertained too.

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