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Top 20 Causes Of Wedding Planning Stress

Worried about unwanted wedding guests? Your mother-in-law taking over? The bridesmaids outshining the bride?

Top 20 causes of wedding planning stress

Organising a wedding can be stressful, can't it?

You want everything to be perfect and everyone to be happy. A woman’s wedding is supposed to be the best day of her life – so of course wanting it to be "just right" can really build pressure.

With wedding blogs, social media and the huge furore over celebrity weddings nowadays, it’s no surprise that a bride-to-be can feel overwhelmed with arranging such an important day.

New research has revealed the extent brides are now going to, to make sure their wedding is better than anyone else’s. With 4-in-10 brides admitting they became "fiercely competitive" when it came to their wedding, 6-in-10 chose aspects of their big day just to make theirs better than their friends and over half fell out with family and friends during the planning process.

A third of brides also believe that table settings, the dress designer and general wedding theme had been copied by another engaged friend, with 10% admitting to verbally accusing a fellow bride of copying her. Despite this, 36% stated that they had copied aspects of other women's weddings they'd either attended or seen on social media.

Family politics, bridesmaids putting on weight and the mother-in-law taking over are all some of the most common wedding fears for modern day brides. We’ve put together the top 20 causes of stress for a bride-to-be. How many were you guilty of letting bother you on your big day?

Unwanted wedding guests

Bridesmaids complaining about dresses

Negative comments about bride’s choices

Family politics due to step-parents

Mother-in-law taking over

Complaints about the seating plan

Not enough help planning the wedding

A disappointing hen-do

A misbehaving best-man

Photos being tagged on Facebook

The bridesmaids putting on weight

Pressure to look great in the dress

Stories from the stag-do

Looking her best in professional photographs

Choosing food everyone will like

Bad weather

Bridesmaid outshining the bride

Too many children coming to the wedding

Wanting a better wedding than a friend’s

Not wanting guests to get bored

Find the full research below:

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