Funny birthday gifts for the jokers in your life

Do you have a friend who loves a practical joke? You always know who to point the finger at first if you embarrass yourself sitting on a whoopee cushion at the dinner table or trip over a hidden obstacle. Turn the tables on their next birthday and choose from our wide range of humorous birthday gifts.

If you have a friend who loves toilet humour, Toilet Golf would be right up their street. Yes, they can actually play golf while sat on the loo, we also have Potty Fisher and a Fart Extinguisher!

Does your house mate dislike washing up and tries to avoid it at all costs? Well, our Marge Simpson or Disco washing up sponge may well entice them to the sink more often. A great way to add a bit of excitement to an otherwise dull task.

Sport lovers could soon be the owner of a rugby calendar, on which your chosen name will appear on each page. Or perhaps a Personalised Football Money Box or Golf Bunker Mug is more your thing?

Humorous birthday gifts for her that are certain to get her in the party spirit include the Personalised Giant Wine Glass. Holding a whole bottle of her favourite vino, this fantastic present is sure to be a talking point at any birthday bash! We also have pint glasses ready to grace with your name, as well as a range of alcoholic beverages for anyone who loves the odd tipple. Simply enter the name you want to appear on the label and we will transform it in to your buddy’s very own brew.

If you’re looking to wind someone up about their age then how about a good read, like ‘Old Age and How to Survive It’, the ‘Life After 40 Survival Guide’ or a personalised notebook with an amusing quip on the front? For example, ‘For A Vintage Dad’. As well as this we have an inflatable walking stick and Zimmer frame.

Our range of experience days are guaranteed to be a giggle, whether 4x4 Extreme at Silverstone is your scene or perhaps a Surfing day out? We also have an amazing Spy Camp for Kids where they can experience being a young secret agent.

Unusual is always more fun.