Personalised Get Well Cards - if you need a little inspiration...

There’s nothing worse than when illness strikes. Whether a mild cold, flu or perhaps something worse, the feeling that you can’t even get out of bed just ruins any good mood. It’s safe to say that anyone feeling under the weather needs a bit of TLC and home comforting. Maybe that means getting them snuggled up into a duvet in front of the TV with a cuppa. It could be fetching them a hot water bottle, ample amounts of tissues and medicine and tending to their every need. Don’t forget the miracle drug though, hot soup! Guaranteed to always do the trick.

Another way to help make them feel better is a great personalised card. Flowers are always nice (we sell those too) but if they’ve got a blocked nose then might go a little underappreciated. A card however never fails.

We have over 20 designs guaranteed to soothe the sinuses, relax them and generally lift their spirits. Some colourful, some cute, some designed to make them laugh, all our cards however share one common trait, they can be personalised! Add any name to the front of your chosen design and create a card especially for the poorly recipient. There’s a choice of sizes and you can add a special message to the inside.

Here’s hoping they get well soon.