Beautifully Soft Comforters...

A teddy bear can bring comfort to your little one when they need it! If there is a monster under the bed or the dark of the night is something they fear, a cuddly teddy bear to hold close can settle all their nerves. Our teddy bears can be personalised with your little one’s name for a unique gift they will love and treasure for years.

Are they a huge Frozen fan? If they watched it over and over, driving you mad with the constant stream of ‘Let It Go’ playing, we have the perfect present for their next birthday or as a Christmas gift - our Queen Elsa doll! Elsa can be embroidered with the lucky recipient’s name so they will always have her near. Our Elsa doll, with their name on the dress, lets everyone knows that Elsa is their special doll. Our personalised doll won't be a duplicate so no one else will have the same doll, which is hard to find in all the Frozen merchandise!

If they are a little bit younger, we have a Bambino Lamb Comforter they can use as a security blanket. It’s beautifully soft and their name is embroidered with a silver thread. Our example says ‘Princess Amelia’ so you can add Princess or Prince to the blanket within the character limit.

Our personalised teddy bears will be a gift they will cherish!