Rude Cards To Make Them Giggle...

Put a huge smile on their face with a card from our range of personalised rude cards they'll be giggling over.

Treat someone to this cheeky personalised birthday hunk card to make them smile. Featuring a tanned hunk on the front, with a strategically placed board reading 'Happy Birthday [Name]', just add the recipient's name for it to appear on the front. It's the perfect birthday card for a cheeky friend or sibling.

Let her know how she's going to be spending her birthday with this personalised all-woman card in a black and white design. If the birthday girl loves a few drinks on her birthday then gift her this personalised card that reads 'Yes, [Name] Certainly Was All Woman...Strong Yet Still Sensitive, Assertive Yet Still Caring, Powerful Yet Still Fragile...P*ssed Yet Still Standing!', just add a name to appear.

This personalised life is like toilet paper card is a hilarious sentiment we can all relate to. Send to someone with an upcoming birthday, the card reads '[Name] Life Is Like Toilet Paper...You're Either On A Roll Or You're Taking Shit From Some Arsehole!.' It's the perfect card for your dad, uncle, boyfriend for a birthday they won't forget!

Give someone a laugh with one of our personalised rude cards that are perfect for your friends and family!