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Bee House

Product Description
We’re all familiar with the gentle ‘buzz’ of the little bee but did you know that they are really important to our environment because they pollinate crops and plants? 

Sadly, the bee population is dwindling, caused in part by disease and because their habitat is disappearing.

Give the bees a helping hand and welcome them into your garden with this charming Bee House.

Crafted from hollow wooden stems of different lengths, the Bee House aims to create a habitat for non-aggressive and non-swarming solitary bees

The Bee House also comes with a packet of ‘bee-friendly’ flower seeds. The Flower Seeds for Bees contains hardy annuals that are easy to grow and will attract bees and insects to your garden. Plant the seeds and you’ll be rewarded with cornflowers, candytuft, zinnia, poppy, nigella, silene and other varieties, and, hopefully, with buzzing bees, too.

Material: Wood, copper

Dimensions: H20cm x W17cm x D19.5cm
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