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Chocolate Chilli Willie Roulette

Product Description
This rude and risqué game is sure to provide some titillating entertainment... The rules are simple - 7 of the 10 chocolate willies are filled with delicious praline, while the other 3 contain enough hot chilli to blow your head off! 

Simply take it in turns to spin the Chilli Roulette Wheel and wherever the spinner stops, the player eats the corresponding chocolate. The game only ends when they've all been eaten!
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The game contains 10 chocolate willies, 3 filled with tonsil-tickling hot chilli.

Also includes a display tray and spinner.
Customer Reviews (7)

85% would recommend this to a friend

/ 5
Good fun
This was a fun, hen do game, that everyone could easily join in and enjoy.
By EntertainmentsOfficer from Derbyshire
/ 5
Jummy Idea
its jummy present ideas for you family and friends
By Cris16 from cheshire
/ 5
Excellent, original and very funny!!!
This gift is a Valentines Day's surprise ...I wanted it to be funny , delicious and entertaining :-)
By Spanish1 from Manchester
/ 5
Great fun gift :-)
My partner is going to love this - he loves chocolate and chilli's and will make him giggle!! I cant wait to see his face and try it out :-)
By Animal Addict from Swansea, South Wales
/ 5
Great secret Santa gift !
By Kezza68 from Leicester
/ 5
This is a gift for a girls night so not been received yet but i am sure it will go down well!
By sanj from Kent
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