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Fat Buddha Butter Dish

Product Description
When the alarm goes off, rousing you from your deep and dreamy sleep, it's time to get up (unfortunately!) We know that leaving the snuggly-buggly environment of your bed can prove quite the challenge, but one thing that does make the get-up that bit easier, is the promise of some warm, buttery toast to get the day off to a good start! 

And it has to be proper butter! Yet when the toast has popped, golden brown, those buttery, breaded dreams are soon dashed when you realise you've forgotten to take the butter out of the fridge and it isn't spreadable...oh the horror! 

It's time to upgrade your unoriginal (and seemingly forgettable) butter dish! And we've got just the thing. Shaped like a Buddha, this white ceramic dish will be a great addition to your kitchen and the answer to your un-spreadable sins. Meaning 'awakened one,' this lovable tubby Buddha is perfect for your morning routine and means you can be awakened and enlightened with butter that's spreadable! 

A fun gift for a loved one who's forever dreaming about dairy!


Capacity: 1/4 lb of butter

Dimensions: 17.5 x 12.5 x 10cm

Care instructions: Hand wash only 
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