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Game Time Digital Kitchen Timer

Product Description
Remember those long childhood journeys to visit family friends? You've drawn the short straw and are sat squished in-between your siblings on the back seat. The only consolation? Your favourite handheld gaming device that's lying in wait in your pocket. The minute you switch that on, the trip will fly by as you conquer baddies and reach new levels in gaming. 

Keep memories of your first love alive with this quirky kitchen timer. An accurate representation of the popular console, the bright yellow design has red and black round buttons as well as white direction keys. The large screen clearly displays your remaining time in a digital clock format. 

A strong magnet on the back makes it perfect for pitching on the fridge for ease, to ensure you don't burn the beans again, or even on the cabinet in the bathroom so you can time your latest accomplishments at mastering the dreaded plank to impress your personal trainer! 

And they say that computer games are bad for your health... they seem pretty useful to us! 

Dimensions: H9 x W5.5 x D1cm
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