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Grow Your Own Forbidden Fruit Kit

Product Description
Encourage little ones (and big kids, too!) to eat more fruit by helping them to grow their own, with this Forbidden Fruit Kit.

A brilliant kit for both budding cooks and gardeners, this gift set contains everything they need to grow five different types of fruit, from strawberries to melon.

With seeds, pots, peat, and tips on how to grow the plants included in the box, this Grow Your Own Forbidden Fruit Kit contains starter pots for the plants but, once they've grown, the plants can be transferred to containers on a patio or balcony, a window box, or beds in the garden. It's a fun gift for someone who's just moved into their first flat, and for anyone who doesn't have a huge space to grow plants and flowers.

The plants they can grow in their fruit garden are:

  • Alpine white strawberries: Also known as a 'pineberry', this little, white fruit looks like a strawberry but actually tastes like a pineapple!
  • Wild red strawberries: With a sweet and juicy flavour, this aromatic strawberry makes a delicious snack. The plant is known for being easy to grow and producing lots of fruit
  • Golden berries: Tasting of a sweet gooseberry, with a hint of tropical fruit and a bitter-sweet after taste, this glossy, golden berry is an elegant garnish to a salad or pudding, and can be used to make a jam or chutney
  • Goji berries: A vibrant red berry, the goji berry is high in antioxidants and has an intriguing taste that blends the flavour of tomato, cranberry and malt
  • Charantais melon: With a sweet, fragrant and juicy orange flesh, this melon grows outside and doesn't need to be grown in a greenhouse. It's a perfect treat for breakfast!
The Forbidden Fruit Kit contains five seed varieties and the pots the recipient needs to start cultivating their own little edible allotment but please remember that weather and soil conditions will affect how the seeds grow.

Contents: 5 x packets of seeds; 5 x peat starter pots; 5 x peat discs that expand when watered; 5 x plant markers; leaflet with sowing & growing tips

Seeds: 1 packet alpine white strawberry seeds (Fragaria vesca); 1 packet Charantais melon seeds (Musk Melon Type Emir F1); 1 packet goji berry seeds (Lycium barbarum); 1 packet golden berry seeds (Physalis peruviana); 1 packet of wild red strawberry seeds (Fragaria vesca). The seeds in this kit are of UK origin.

Dimensions (box): H12 x W10 x D14cm

Weight (boxed): 141g
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