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Hand Soap

Product Description
It's the age-old faux-pas of forgetting to wash your hands after every trip to the lavatory. A simple task that should come naturally, alas there are always the odd few who slip through the net. 

Ensure your housemates, colleagues or general fellow members of the public keep things sanitary when you remind them with this quirky bar of soap. In the shape of a hand, there is no more obvious way to request a swift wash. Why not make fun out of it? High five it, low five it, or even develop a secret handshake with it. Just make sure you use it! 

Complete with a delightfully musky scent, this would be the perfect addition to student digs or a humorous gift for someone moving into their new home. 

Dimensions (approx.): H12cm

Weight: 115g

Flavour: Musk-scented
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