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Hot Stuff Insulated Thermal Mug

Product Description
No matter whether it's summer or winter, there's nothing quite like that first cuppa in the morning, is there?

Sometimes, however, it seems as though the world has conspired against you, doesn't it? The alarm doesn't go off. The shower won't work. You make a desperately needed cup of coffee but it's just too hot to drink...

Solve one of those morning woes with this adorable thermal mug! It's a perfect size to hold your morning tea or coffee, and it'll keep your drink toasty warm whilst you rush around the house getting ready for the day ahead.

The insulated thermal mug comes in two different prints, one that's perfect for someone who's a chatterbox, and the other for someone who can't function without a cup of joe! The bright white thermal mug is printed with the words, 'But First, Coffee' and has a hot pink lid. The pastel pink thermal mug is printed with the words, 'blah blah blah' in a black, script font, and has a black lid.

And when you sleep through your alarm, can't find your keys and it's pouring with rain outside, this cute and quirky mug will help to cheer you up on your commute to work. And though you may have forgotten your umbrella, your piping hot mug of coffee will help to make things a little better when you're finally sat on the bus.

The acrylic thermal mug has a plastic lid with an open and close slider to allow steam to escape.

Capacity: 473ml (16oz.)

Material: Mug: Acrylic; Lid: Plastic

Dimensions: H20cm (diameter: 7.5cm)

Design choice: Blah Blah Blah or But First Coffee 
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