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Inflatable Zimmer Frame

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Product Description
“Just remember when you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed.” – Charles M. Schulz

Time is a universal constant, there’s no use fighting it because it’s going to affect us all whether we like it or not. That said, if time travel is suddenly invented or science advances so much that we discover the key to everlasting life things might be different, until then we’re just going to have to embrace getting old.

If you know a special recipient who's about to turn another year older and it looks like they’re slowly reaching for their favourite alcoholic beverage, quick, stop them! Present them with this, an Inflatable Zimmer Frame that’s sure to put a smile back on their face.  It’s a cheeky little present for friends and family, who are perhaps a little decrepit, over-the-hill, washed up or just generally past it!

Not strictly reserved for the oldies, either. Is dad turning 50 and starting to think about buying that dream sports car or taking up golf? Kindly let him know it’s far too late to change by dropping this zimmer frame in his lap!

For the young’uns out there, this makes for a great finishing touch to a granny or grandpa fancy dress outfit.

Dimensions: H90 x W90 x D90cm
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