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Labrador Silhouette Wall Clock

Product Description
If you're a dog lover, then your life probably revolves around walkies, wet noses and furry cuddles. Waking up in the early hours to the patter of tiny paws gracing the hallway, eagerly awaiting those words that make the tail wag and tongue hang out. Dragging yourself out of the warm caress of bed to walk the frosty country pavements is their idea of heaven, and once you see their twinkling eyes, it's yours too. 

Keep on dog time with one of these stylish black silhouette clocks in the shape of a Labrador. Wide-mouthed and seemingly ready to chase a stick or be rewarded with a tasty treat, the short-haired stocky physique is recognisable, as well as the playful nature. 

Its signature shape and characteristics are accompanied by an actual signature that reads 'Labrador' in a white hand-written style font above the front leg. The metal clock hands are located centrally. 

This would be a brilliant gift for a home of dog lovers or, alternatively, an homage to your four-legged furry companion. 

Dimensions (approx.): W33 x H26cm

Material: Plastic
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