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Ladies Superhero Socks

Product Description
Every woman likes to feel super from time-to-time. Whether it's in her favourite outfit, juggling her hectic life with ease, or simply channeling her inner diva with powerful accessories. Some may even feel empowered by the thought of an evil streak, much like the ways of the Joker's girlfriend Harley Quinn.

For many women, what they're wearing has a lot to do with their frame of mind. If they feel great in what they've got on, then they're bound to feel more confident. This can begin with something as simple as a pair of socks. 

This selection of super hero socks may well give her the confidence to face a tough day, simply the knowledge that they're being represented by strong women such as, Wonder Woman,  Supergirl, Bat Girl or Harley Quinn is bound to give them the boost they need. 

Choose your favourite and you'll get two pairs each boasting slightly different designs. Choose from Wonder Woman and her recognisable outfit, Supergirl and her muscular physique, Batgirl and her minimalistic approach, or Harley Quinn and her borderline psychotic smile. 

A great gift for quirky dressers and comic book enthusiasts alike. 

Contents: 1 x set includes two pairs of socks.

Superhero characters: Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Super Girl & Wonder Woman

Material: Cotton, Elastene

Size: 4-7
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